Godsent Ministries


Godsent Ministries is a church operating in Nigeria. It was founded by Richard Edabor more than 25 years ago. After Richard’s passing, Sarah Edabor took over his legacy and continues to operate the church today. Nigeria has a very small Christian population and in fact is in danger every day from radical Muslims and terrorist groups who seek to wipe the Christians off the map. The people in this area of Nigeria do not make enough money to keep the doors open so the ministry relies on support from donors. Vessels of Honor ministry has been partnering and helping support the work that Godsent Ministries has been doing for 25 years. In recent weeks the weather has demolished the church's roof and Vessels of Honor has been taking donations to help them rebuild it. If you would like to know more about Godsent Ministries or what you can do to help, then contact Vessels of Honor Ministries.

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